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The Main Competition with the Golden Frog Award has been the most important part of the Festival from its beginning. The Competition exists since 1993 i.e. since the first edition of the Festival. From the very beginning the idea behind the competition is to present the feature films where the image significantly contributes to the way a story is told. The visual value of these films results from the cooperation between a director and a cinematographer and the unusual sensitivity of the author of a film image. The Competition emphasizes the enormous contribution of the cinematographer to the film work.

The aim of the Main Competition is to present films with unique visual appeal which will then be evaluated by International Jury who will choose and award the authors of the best cinematography.

Also this year we will present the most interesting phenomena of world's cinematography, distinctive in terms of creative use of the image in film narration.


Still from "Afterimage," courtesy of
Akson Dystrybucja Sp. z o. o.
The story of the final years of Władysław Strzemiński, the distinguished painter, art theoretician, teacher loved by his students, and founder of the Museum of Modern Art in Łódź, the first such museum in Poland and second in Europe. The film shows the relentlessness of an artist who was ruthlessly persecuted by the communist regime in Stalinist Poland, and who rejected avant-garde and Western art to promote schematic socialist realism.
Polish title: Powidoki
Director: Andrzej Wajda
Cinematographer: Paweł Edelman
Produced by: Akson Studio Sp. z o. .
Polish distributor: Akson Dystrybucja Sp. z o. o.
Poland, 2016


Still from "Arrival," courtesy of
United International Pictures Sp. z o. o. (UIP Poland)
There are many impressive-looking and chilling movies that envision hostile alien invasions of our planet. Once in a while a film also appears about people trying to communicate with peaceful-minded life forms from other worlds. It is quite rare, however, to watch a cinematic tale that refuses to simplify things and use genre clichés, but that instead visualises first contact with extraterrestrial beings as a journey into the unknown that may demand that the people making contact reject the limitations of their humanity. Arrival envisions Earth being approached by an entire fleet of technologically advanced spaceships, causing some to freeze with fear, and others to become wild with excited. A special team is created with a linguist and a mathematician at its helm. On their shoulders lies the responsibility of representing humanity in front of something that does not know what being a human means. Will their journey into the heart of darkness bring the whole species a new light?
Original title: Arrival
Director: Denis Villeneuve
Cinematography: Bradford Young
Produced by: FilmNation Entertainment, Lava Bear Films, 21 Laps Entertainment
Polish distributor: United International Pictures Sp. z o. o. (UIP Poland)
USA, 2016

Blood and Glory

Still from "Blood and Glory,"
courtesy of Dark Matter Studios
South Africa, the beginning of the twentieth century. The British Empire has recently confirmed their domination in the region by winning the Second Anglo–Boer War. Everyone who dared to oppose was persecuted. Blood and Glory’s protagonist is farmer Willem Morkel, who lost his entire family during the war, and after was convicted and sent to the infamous concentration camp on St Helena in the Atlantic Ocean, almost two thousand kilometres from the mainland. The camp’s commander is the sadistic Colonel Swannell, a firm believer that there is no such thing as human rights. While trying to survive in conditions nobody would wish upon even to their greatest enemy, Morkel discovers an unconventional way to confront the guards – rugby, the beloved British sport in which they are supposedly unbeatable. The film tells a story of the forgotten yet still shameful events from the pages of history, but it also portrays an inspirational tale about the triumph of the indomitable human spirit and the purity of sport.
Original title: Blood and Glory
Director: Sean Else
Cinematographer: Adam Bentel
Produced by: Dark Matter Studios
Republic of South Africa, 2016

Hacksaw Ridge

Still from "Hacksaw Ridge,"
courtesy of Monolith Films Sp. z o. o.
This is an unbelievable yet true story. Its protagonist is Desmond Doss, a young man who despised violence and refused to carry any kind of weapon, but at the same time decided to fulfil his patriotic duty and enlisted together with thousands of his peers in the American army to join World War II. Doss wanted to serve his country as a medic and save human lives, not take them away. This made him unpopular among other soldiers who mocked and persecuted him, making his training period living hell. Doss not only persevered and stood by his convictions, but he also displayed remarkable bravery during the Battle of Okinawa, one of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific War. On the one hand, Hacksaw Ridge offers a brutally honest depiction of the whole operation that will leave you in shock. On the other, the film confronts the viewer with an exceptional human being whose ideals and strong faith were easy to misjudge until he became a true hero.
Polish title: Przełęcz ocalonych
Director: Mel Gibson
Cinematographer: Simon Duggan
Produced by: AI Film Productions, Argent Pictures, Cross Creek Pictures, Demarest Media, IM Global, Kylin Pictures, Pandemonium, Permut Presentations, Vendian Entertainment
Polish distributor Monolith Films Sp. z o. o.
Australia, USA, 2016