Lost, The
Die Verlorenen
Running time:80
Cinematographer:Imogen Heath
Director:Reynold Reynolds
Producer:Saskia Reynolds
Writer:Reynold Reynolds
Production designer:Ana J. Bellido
Editor:Reynold Reynolds
Cast:Espin Bowder, Sarah Grether, Christian Harting, Stephanie Krogmann, Benjamin Radjaipour, Francesca Romana-Ciardi, Florian Rummel, Michael Fritz Schumacher, Anna-Maria Sommer, Tomas Sinclair Spencer
Production:Artstudio Reynolds
Artstudio Reynolds
During the 1930s, German cinema was flourishing and one of the most innovative and promising in the Europe. But then it was completely destroyed in the name of the already powerful ideology that would set the world on fire in years to come. The Lost is a project that is literally one of a kind: by using fragments of the never-completed German film Die Verlorenen and supplementing them with new scenes, it offers different ways of looking at the events mentioned. The young British writer Christopher comes to Berlin and stays with the Troika cabaret. It is there that he experiences the already collapsing social freedom and becomes a part of weird experiments that are designed to conquer death. Shot as (mostly) black-and-white film from the 1930s, and with the use of many avant-garde tricks, The Lost is an unconventional moving picture that blends reality and fiction to pay a beautiful homage to a part of the history of cinema that cannot be brought to life ever again.
Festival section
Directors' Debuts Competition
Date and place of projection
17.11.2015 16:15
Multikino - screening room 10