Sleepless in New York
Sleepless in New York
Running time:92
Cinematographer:Peter Indergand
Director:Christian Frei
Producer:Christian Frei
Writer:Christian Frei
Editor:Christian Frei, Lara Hacisalihzade
Production:ZDF/Arte, Christian Frei Filmproduktion
Films Transit, Christian Frei Filmproduktion
A Swiss director arrives in New York and announces that he’s looking for people who have recently been… rejected. In a city where psychoanalysis is like another religion and people love talking about themselves, he doesn’t have to wait long. The heart-breaking stories are set against the background of a not-so-silent witness – the city of New York. The poetry of the underground and iconic architecture, the orgy of Manhattan’s lights, the jogging in Central Park, the red brick and fire escapes of Brooklyn, the weekend walks along the Hudson River, the amusement parks of Coney Island, the elegant SoHo bars and the hipster communities of Williamsburg… The characters travelling around these places combine Woody Allen’s extroversion, Paul Auster’s warm nostalgia and Edward Hopper’s loneliness.
Festival section
Documentary Feature Competition
Date and place of projection
18-11-2014; 16:45
Opera Nova - Documentary Screening Room