Main Competition has existed since the first edition of the Festival in 1993. From the very beginning the idea behind the competition was to present the narrative feature films where the image significantly contributes to a story. The visual value of these films results from the cooperation between a director and a cinematographer and the unusual sensitivity of the author of a film image. The Competition emphasizes the enormous contribution of the cinematographer to the film work.
Submission deadline: 31st May 2017 (no fee) /// 30th June 2017 (late entry fee: PLN 200)


Student Etudes Competition supports the development of novice filmmakers and provides an opportunity to confront the achievements of the students from various parts of the world. Several dozen film schools submit their best etudes every year to the Competition. The author of the best cinematography is awarded with Laszlo Kovacs Student Award - Golden Tadpole. The remaining awards are the Silver and Bronze Tadpoles.
Submission deadline: 31st July 2017
Feature Debuts Competitions
Feature Debuts Competitions were initiated in 2010 due to the Festival's increasing openness to the noteworthy artists and the new film phenomena they create. The selection committee nominates first or second non-documentary feature films made by young directors and cinematographers. The Jury consisting of renowned directors, DPs, producers and other filmmakers will choose the winners and present two awards to a debut cinematographer and debut director. 
Submission deadline: 31st May 2017 (no fee) /// 30th June 2017 (late entry fee: PLN 200)
Documentary Films Competitions
The aim of the Documentary Films Competitions is to recognize non-fiction entries as creative interpretations of reality. Putting emphasis on the visual and aesthetic appeal of their work, the juries award cinematographers of documentary films screened in two independent competitions, for documentary shorts and documentary features.
Submission deadline: 30th June 2017
Music Videos Competition
The aim of the Music Videos Competition is to recognise music videos as a form of film art and a field of audiovisual innovation which is so important for filmmaking. The best achievements in this field will be judged with the emphasis on the visual and aesthetic values of an image. The Competition entries may include music videos produced with the participation of a cinematographer and the ones made with the use of various animation techniques.
Submission deadline: 31st July 2017


A new competitive section of the CAMERIMAGE festival has been established in recognition of contemporary television artists. It features pilots/first episodes of television shows. Owing to the professional commitment of many established filmmakers we can enjoy more and more visually engaging TV shows that make use of top filmmaking technologies. CAMERIMAGE recognizes this global trend by giving the television industry an opportunity to present their achievements to an international audience and a professional jury. 
Submission deadline: 31st July 2017