European Panorama

International film industry annually produces many thousands of movies, and these with the best cinematography are submitted to the competitions at Camerimage. The selection committee selects only several dozen of them, but it does not cover all the body of work worth presenting to our audience. The non-competition European Panorama presents most interesting movies with the best cinematography produced in Europe during this and the previous year.


director: Volker Schlöndorff
cinematographer: Michel Amathieu
country: France, Germany
year: 2014
Grand Budapest Hotel, The
director: Wes Anderson
cinematographer: Robert D. Yeoman
country: Germany, UK, USA
year: 2014
Keeper Of Lost Causes, The
director: Mikkel Nørgaard
cinematographer: Eric Kress
country: Denmark, Sweden, Germany
year: 2013
Invisible Woman, The
director: Ralph Fiennes
cinematographer: Rob Hardy
country: UK
year: 2013
Nymphomaniac : Vol. I
director: Lars von Trier
cinematographer: Manuel Alberto Claro
country: Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, UK
year: 2013
Nymphomaniac : Vol. II
director: Lars von Trier
cinematographer: Manuel Alberto Claro
country: Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, UK
year: 2013
Remote Control
director: Byamba Sakhya
cinematographer: Charles Libin
country: Germany, Mongolia
year: 2013
director: Diego Lerman
cinematographer: Wojciech Staroń
country: Argentina, France, Poland, Germany, Colombia
year: 2014
In the Crosswind
director: Martti Helde
cinematographer: Erik Põllumaa
country: Estonia
year: 2014
director: Jivan Avetisyan
cinematographer: Narek Martirosyan
country: Lithuania
year: 2014
At home
director: Athanasios Karanikolas
cinematographer: Johannes M. Louis
country: Greece, Germany
year: 2014
Yves Saint Laurent
director: Jalil Lespert
cinematographer: Thomas Hardmeier
country: France
year: 2014
Anywhere Else
director: Ester Amrami
cinematographer: Johannes Praus
country: Israel, Germany
year: 2014
director: Lisandro Alonso
cinematographer: Timo Salminen
country: Argentina, Mexico, Denmark, Brazil, France, Germany, USA
year: 2014
director: Stephen Bradley
cinematographer: Trevor Forrest
country: UK, Vietnam
year: 2014
Los Ángeles
director: Damian John Harper
cinematographer: Friede Clausz
country: Mexico, Germany
year: 2014
director: Thomas Rudzik
cinematographer: Dorian Dragoi
country: Germany
year: 2014
Shattering Shadow, The
director: Housiaux Alain-Pascal, Dechesne Patrick
cinematographer: Frédéric Noirhomme
country: Belgium, Germany, Ethiopia
year: 2013
Lovers, The
director: Roland Joffé
cinematographer: Ben Nott
country: India, Australia, Belgium
year: 2013
Oki - in the middle of the ocean
director: Maris Martinsons
cinematographer: Valdis Celmins
country: Latvia
year: 2014
Yvy Maraey - Land without evil
director: Juan Carlos Valdivia
cinematographer: Paul de Lumen
country: Mexico, Bolivia, Norway
year: 2013
Who Am I - No System Is Safe
director: Baran Bo Odar
cinematographer: Nikolaus Summerer
country: Germany
year: 2013
Post Partum
director: Delphine Noels
cinematographer: Benoit Dervaux
country: Luxembourg, Belgium, France
year: 2013
They are all dead
director: Beatriz Sanchis
cinematographer: Álvaro Gutiérrez
country: Mexico, Germany, Spain
year: 2014